Lola's 24/7 Fitness Gym


> Equipment Inventory

All exercise machines are of the highest quality, and are produced and maintained by Matrix Corp.

2 Treadmills
2 Stair masters
3 Exercise Bicycles
1 Leg Press Machine
1 Chest Press Machine
1 Seated Rowing Machine
1 Body Pulling Machine
1 Leg Extension Machine
1 Triceps Press
1 Lat Pull down Machine
1 Shoulder Press
1 Hip Abductor
1 Seated Leg Curl
1 Matrix Collage: Legs, Shoulders, Arms, Back, Chest, & Core.
42 Hand Free Weights from 5 – 100lbs.
24 Barbell weights from 5 – 45lbs.
A very generous selection of hand held equipment including heavy exercise ropes to hand springs, and even boxing gloves for our Heavy Bag!